Specialists in recruiting overseas workers for the UK under the new Points Based System.

What is PBS?

With the UK no longer part of the EU and therefore its free movement of labour, the Points Based System is a way of assessing any non-UK citizen to determine if they are granted the right to live and work in the UK. This allows the country to ‘cherry pick’ what overseas talent gain the right to work in the country and be assured that people coming to work are contributing positively.

Supporting UK companies hiring under PBS

We assist UK companies by search and selecting the right overseas talent. Our specialist team in Dubai are well located and skilled in everything from shortlisting candidates to conducting screening interviews.


Better recruitment

With 20 years’ experience we are true specialists in overseas recruitment.

Expert advice

We stay updated with the rules and laws surrounding PBS, so we can guide you through each and every step.

Leave it with us

Let us take away the headaches involved in hiring internationally, allowing you to focus on your business.

A member of our team based in the UK will be happy to guide through each step of the process.

Whatever the motivation for hiring abroad, our decades of experience and expansive knowledge offers you plenty of value.

Can I hire best Talent from abroad?

A company registered in the UK must apply for a tier 2 sponsor license to hire anyone from overseas.

You will have to make a formal job offer to the employee before they enter the UK on their tier 2 visa.

We are happy to guide you through each stage and offer expert advice to ensure you are not wasting time on anything unnecessary and can focus on your business.

How we help UK companies

  • Search and select the right talent for you. Our Dubai team are ideally located and adept to select talent with the right skillset as well as good culture fit
  • We are partnered with a team of immigration solicitors to ensure a smooth hiring process and help you obtain the required licenses
  • Keeping in close contact with the candidates through each stage and helping them arrive in the UK eager to work

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