Top 5 Tips For Your 2021 Job Search

What does a 2021 post-pandemic job search look like?

Everyone can agree that pandemic changed the face of the jobs network around the world. If you just graduated, lost your job, are underemployed, or just looking for a change, you are in the same boat as a large percentage of the population. This is significant because how a job search was done a year ago isn’t how a job search should be done now.

There are definite similarities, but the nature and fundamental makeup of the workplace are different. If you want to stand out from the crowd, nail the interview, and get that offer, you need to approach the application process differently. For more information on how to maximize your opportunities for your 2021 job search, check out the top 5 tips below.

1. Become More Digitally Savvy

The most significant change that 2020 brought to the job market is the increase in digital reliance. Not only are we working on computers more, but we are also relying on digital communications to connect with colleagues, management, clients, and customers. This reliance is significant and here to stay. Though it is unlikely to know how much will stay and what will change, it is clear that any industry upheaval will look more digital than analog. If you want to stay relevant to today’s job market and those to come, you need to improve your digital and data language and analytical skills.

This means that you could improve your online skills via online certificate programs. There are plenty of short programs that are either free or very cheap. These improvements can show your determination and willingness to professionally improve. Highlighting these certificates or skills can significantly improve your resume and your chances of landing the job you want.

2. Network More Than You Ever Have Before

Before the pandemic, the jobs market was dominated by college graduates, job changers, the underemployed, and those fired from their prior positions. This post-pandemic 2021 is significantly different as the jobs market is dominated by those categories and all of the people that were furloughed and let go due to the many businesses shutting their doors. These are people with just as good of skills as you. This makes this job market much more dangerous than any of the others.

If you are serious about getting the job that you want rather than just a job, you need to make it known to the companies that you are looking at that you are the person to hire. You need to start networking early and across all platforms including social media platforms. Reach out to recruiters and HR professionals for informational and informal talking sessions. Attend industry seminars and conferences. You can cold email professionals that you could see working for and reach out to people via LinkedIn. The more you reach out the more likely you will learn something important about your search and find a job that you like that you didn’t think of before.

3. Understand The New Jobs Market Reality

A major issue with failed job searches is that people are not honest with themselves. They have a vision of the life they want to live and the job they want to have. They place all of their happiness and satisfaction on that exact image without any other thought that a job isn’t a life. There is no better moment than 2021 for an honest conversation with yourself about your skills and your prospects. This isn’t to say that you can’t land a fantastic job. On the contrary, an honest conversation is the only way you will truly achieve that fantastic job you want and need. Why?

The jobs that were available before the pandemic are not present in the same volumes or availabilities. Industry needs have shifted based on innovations in the workforce and a generally culling of the herds. If you have skills that could be used in another position or in another industry, don’t forgo the chance to apply just because it is a little out of your comfort level. Companies love cross-skill applications. Apply to a different position if it seems even slightly familiar. Don’t believe that the perfect job will just appear. Remember, it isn’t the job that makes your life worth living, but rather, it is your attitude and your actions that allow you the chance to have the best life you can.

4. Optimize All Of Your Assets

Generally, this means that you need to make sure that you are re-evaluating your resume, CV, reference list, LinkedIn profile, social media profiles, and any other information that could either be used as part of the application process or looked up during the hiring process. For a day, pretend you are the higher agent or HR representative. Instead of applying to jobs, review your resume, and see if it fits the jobs that you want. See if it sparks your attention. If it doesn’t then you need to change it. Simple changes can greatly enhance your ability to be noticed and float to the top.

Make sure your resume matches the skills required for every job you apply for. This doesn’t mean that you have one super resume. That would not be a good choice to make. Instead, you need to alter your resume based on the needs of the position. Highlight the skills that are important for the job and why your resume reflects exactly those qualities. It may take longer to apply to jobs, but your resumes will be keyed to each job and your resume will be more impressive. Make it easy for the HR hiring agent to want to offer you a job.

This also includes reviewing all of your social media accounts or public information. With so many job seekers on the market, you may have a tough time during the interview process. This means that any edge could make the difference. If your booze cruise is front and center on your Instagram, the HR agent could use this to make the determination between the candidates.

5. Understand That This May Take Time

The last thing to understand is that this job search may take time. Many businesses haven’t yet fully started hiring yet. This means that many jobs are yet to be advertised and many jobs may not come back. You need to know that this may take time. Understand how long you can go without a job and when you need to have a new job. Use this timeline as a basis for your hunt and your outreach.

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